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That's right, the fairytale relationship between Terrace House's power couple Tsubasa Soto and Shion Okamoto has come to an end. With it's slow and calming pace, the show is definitely different from other dating shows like The Bachelor.

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A post shared by Tsubasa Sato korochan In a post on March 25, she shared, "Announcement. The other day, I broke up with Shion. Thank you all for the incredible amount of support. Thanks for everything. The two housemates started off as polar opposites. Viewers fawned over how the mismatched couple fell in love with each other, and they soon became the season's most popular pairing. Shion has yet to comment on the announcement. The shock over Shion and Tsubasa news today is the price you pay for being overly invested.

What a season. Love is cancelled: Terrace House power couple Tsubasa and Shion have broken up. Kimberly Foo. Mar 26, View this post on Instagram.

Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy policy.The other day, I broke up with Sean. Thank you all for the incredible amount of support. Thanks for everything. Tsubasa, described by Jezebel as a tomboy, comes from the small city of Karuizawa where she is captain of her hockey team and sadly lost her mother at a very young age.

Shion is a model from Tokyo and shocked viewers when he pursued Tsubasa, that even Tsubasa herself was skeptical of how he felt about her. However, their chemistry with each other was apparent for viewers even through the screen. In the end, fans got what they wanted when the couple became official and left the show together shortly after.

They decided on doing a long-distance relationship where Tsubasa stayed in Karuizawa, because of their hockey team, and Shion in Tokyo, to continue his modeling career.

tsubasa terrace house hockey

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Love is cancelled: Terrace House power couple Tsubasa and Shion have broken up

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Three men and three women live in a house together. Their hope is to find love, and exposure. Or both at the same time. Even the most cursory Google searches will tell you about the show. More specifically, about the excitement anybody who watches it feels about what became the central romantic pairing. Many articles have been written about the male model and his love interest, and how adorable they are.

Ice Hockey. And even more specifically, one of the most difficult decisions a player faces. The female half of the central romantic couple is a forward named Tsubasa Sato.

The cameras follow her as she practices. At her first match, the cameras and her housemates are there. It is very clear that Tsubasa is the best player on this team, scoring multiple goals … and yet despite everything, the team does not win.

In footages from games, practices, and inside the locker room, viewers are quick to discover that Tsubasa Sato is the heart of this team. One episode finds her sobbing in front of her coach, because of how much this team means to her. It is at this point where fans of the show who are also fans of the sport start to dream.

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Dream and hope for a day where Tsubasa Sato would get to play on a team with players of her caliber, like former Metropolitan Riveter and Japanese Olympian Nana Fujimoto, for example. After the Japanese national competition where the Karuizawa Fairies are shown losing in the second round of competitionTsubasa receives a tryout offer from at least two other out of town teams.

And now we have the decision. Should Tsubasa stay a Karuizawa Fairy or leave the team in search of a national championship? This becomes the crux of the other arc, the parallel to her romance. So what will happen? Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

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tsubasa terrace house hockey

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tsubasa terrace house hockey

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tsubasa terrace house hockey

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Terrace House Kai Kobayashi - The guy who had an argument with Hana Kimura - What happened to him?

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